Size Bearing Gear ratio Line capacity
    7500 7+1 4;6;1
    Size Bearing Gear ratio Line capacity
    2000 3+1 4;6;1
    4000 3+1 4;6;1
    5000 3+1 4:6:1 MM/M .35-200 .40-160 .45-120  
  • Venom front drag *Japanese high performance bearing system *Ergonomic eva handle knob *light weight aluminium alloy construction *waterproof drag system *High strength machined aluminium handle *precision aluminium /carbon hybrid front darg cap *casting optimized oscillation *super smooth low friction drag system *casting optimized spool *precision engineered worm shaft oscilation    
    Size Bearing Gear ratio Line capacity
    3000 7+1 4;6;1
    4000 7+1 4;6;1
    5000 7+1 4:6:1 MM/M .35-200 .40-160 .45-120  
  •   Raging bull evolution Freerunner   - Multi line clip system - quick release spool. - 9 stainless steel bearing. - 4:6:1 gear ratio. - Optimized distance spool. - Machined aluminium spool. - Machined spare aluminium long distance shallow spool designed for competitive anglers requiring 300m line (5lb-7lb). - Optional ultra-shallow spools available.  
    Size Bearing Gear ratio Line capacity
    7000 8+1 4;6;1
    9000 8+1 4:6:1
  • Barbarian

    A new  range of high end spinning rods specially developed for shore game angling ,tiger and light boat spinning. These rods feature a high strength construction blank making them unbelievably strong yet ultra light weight and sensitive.
  • Bulletproof Surf

    Our newly developed medium range surf rods at  unbelievable prices. With all the technology and high specifications synonymous with WAFT rods. A 3 piece surf rod featuring high modulus carbon fiber, fuji reel seats, sic guides. The spinning models feature our exclusive adjustable reel seats.
  • Iron Feather II Surf

    Waft iron feather surf A name synonymous with quality the waft iron feather isone of our longest running name plates after hauling in Countless fish over the 300 kg mark representing what waft stands for in outperforming all the competition from the long distance casting field to the surf ,with precision craftsmanship ,excellent built quality and stunning Aesthetics.  
  • Pirate Surf II

    Our flagship range of surf casting and spinning 3 piece rods.Designed and built for anglers that don't settle for anything but the best on the market. Featuring 60t Japanese carbon, titanium guides, fuji trigger grip reel seat and machined aluminium gimbal.Spinning versions feature our exclusive adjustable reel seat.