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Bulletproof freerunner
With over 3 years development and testing in conjunction with some of our leading
anglers ,the new waft bullet proof and raging bull free runners are setting new standards on the carp reel market  with unmatched and unheard of specs never before implemented on other free runners on offer.
waft is the only manufacture offering a quick release spool with build in front drag system as front drags are generally stronger and more responsive hence there preferred use for larger reels .
each reel features 2 machined aluminium spools ,1 deep spool for large line capacity for taking lines in with thicker lines and a shallow spools more suited to competitive anglers reducing the need for backing line that would never be needed. a ultra shallow spool is also optionally available only requiring 300m of 5lb line. this system also improves casting distance and maintains constant line .no to forget making it a whole lot easier to spool and de-spool .raging bull spools also feature 2 line clips and a carbon hybrid spool.
Design and body
both reels were designed to be as compact and light as possible while still ensuring reliability and strength. waft has also developed a new line oscillating gear designed for excellent line lay and long term durability .the raging bull fetures aluminium body components and 7 stainless steel bearing system .other unique elements these  reels feature are cork and eva handle grips that look and feel better than conventional plastic or rubber.
Range and sizes
available in 3 sizes suiting different conditions featuring a 4000 for short range fishing for a 8-10′ rod ,a 7000 for medium range for 10-12′ rods and a larger 9000 with a long distance casting wide spool for 13′ -13’6 rods.


– Multi line clip system

– quick release spool.
– 7 stainless steel bearing.
– 4:6:1 gear ratio.
– Optimized distance spool.
– Machined aluminium deep spool.
– Machined spare  aluminium long distance shallow spool designed
for competitive anglers .
– Optional ultra-shallow spools available.


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