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Feel The Slightest Snag!

The lineup of Outlaw rods are built from Waft Micro-Tech Armored Carbon Fiber. The Micro-Tech Armored Carbon Fiber enables you to feel everything your lure touches.

It allows you to distinguish Sand, Gravel, Rock, Mud and Sticks from Fish. When a Bass inhales your worm, you will know it

The Guides

“Low Friction Guides”

To make the Waft Outlaw rods even lighter and more responsive, titanium semi micro guides are used. These guides made of titanium frames, which don’t use conventional ceramic inserts that crack or chip but instead uses our light weight low friction LRZ insert.

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“With this system, prepare to achieve further and more accurate casts.”

The Weight Management System will enable you to cast further and more accurately. Allowing you to flick accurate cast on low trajectories to get under trees and docks more easily.

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“One of the most important factors to consider when buying a rod is sensitivity

Optic Sense technology provides better bite detection consisting of micro strands of fibre to convey the slightest friction.

FUJI Reel Seat

Featuring a Fuji Carbon Hybrid Reel Seat which has been finished in a rubberized carbon pattern perfectly suited to the rod.


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