The pirate is our flagship model of our surf fishing rod range. Designed and built using only the best materials with the discerning surf angler in mind.




Titanium Line Guides

Custom EVA Handle Grip

Fuji XS Reel Seat

One look and you will instantly know that this fine piece of innovation is anything but ordinary with its Titanium Line Guides, Comfortable Custom EVA Handle Grip and Fuji Extra Strong Reel Seat.

One cannot help but marvel at the personality achieved with this Surf Rod through modern engineering and craftsmanship.


We finished the rod with extra light weight Titanium line guides and a Fuji reel seat with space above to accommodate a bionic finger. The Pirate is capable of casting heavy baits at long ranges, yet is extremely light in the hands with enough backbone to comfortably handle any of the hard fighters that rock and surf fishing has to offer


The blank consists of 60 ton Japanese carbon fibre, extra light weight Titanium line guides and a Fuji reel seat.

We have left an open space above the reel seat to accommodate a bionic finger.

Innovation and access to the latest technology place our Pirate rods in a class of their own

Fixed Reel with Locking Rings

Fixed Reel Seat 


Sliding Adjustable Reel with Dual Locking Rings

Fuji Titanium K-Series Guides

1-K Corbon Wrap 

Pirate Surf Grinder Options

Adjustable Reel Seat Fixed Reel Seat
12’6 Light 2-4oz 14’6 Medium 5-8oz.
13’6 Medium 3-6oz 14’6 Medium Heavy 6-9oz
14’6 Medium 5-8oz. 15’2oz Medium Heavy 5-8oz
14’6 Medium Heavy 6-9oz
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