Performance and price place our range Bulletproof Bass rods in a class of their own. Designed to absorb most of the punishment that extreme bass fishing is known to dish out, without sacrificing class and elegance.

Technique specific models
Affordable price


Low Friction Guides


Cork EVA Handle


Exposed Carbon Reel seat


Strength and durability were key factors during the design process of the Bulletproof, and with careful Line guide selection and placement along the blank, performance and accuracy compliment its rugged good looks.


High quality extra strong Japanese carbon fibre was selected by our design team to ensure that we meet the requirements set out by management, and our field testers to produce a rod that is both affordable and extremely durable.

The rod blanks also feature Dura-Wrap technology for added strength, super slick low friction line guides and a lightweight graphite reel seat. We used a combination of cork and EVA on the grips to complete the Bulletproof’s incredible good looks.


Hybrid reel seat



The Bulletproof is available in a variety of lengths and actions guaranteed to suite all your Bass fishing requirements.


6’3 Medium  Popper/Jerk bait 
6’8 Medium  Top water
7’0 Medium  Plastics
7’0 Medium Heavy  Plastics/Spinner bait
7’2 Medium Plastics/weightless
7’2 Medium Heavy  Plastics/Spinner bait 
7’4 Heavy Pitching/Punching
6’6 Medium Spinning  Drop shot/ Jerk bait
7’0 Medium Heavy Spinning  Plastics /Spinner bait
Lenght/Action Application
6’3 Medium Popper/Jerk bait
6’8 Medium Heavy Top water
7’0 Medium Heavy Plastics
7’2 Medium Heavy Plastics/Spinner bait
7’4 Heavy Pitching
6’6 Medium Heavy Spinning Dropshot/Jerkbait
7’0 MH spinning Plastics

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