As a Premium Fishing Rod Manufacturer in South Africa for the last 30 years, manufacturing for the difficult and extreme conditions of this country, Waft Performance Product mainly serviced the Domestic and OEM for some major Japanese Brands specializing in Saltwater, Carp, Bass and Spinning tackle.

WAFT Development Products have recently setup a new highly advanced manufacturing facility in Japan to service domestic and worldwide demand.

WAFT Development Products has invested in high tech state of the art technologies previously unheard of in the rod manufacturing Industry to manufacture a product that is more advanced, than any product within the same price class and spec on the market.

WAFT strives by a progressive innovation strategy to continuously evolve, and research further technologies to insure the finest product to the consumer. Special attention is paid to each individual rod’s build quality, fit and finish as well as lightweight responsive actions. From but to tip each part of the rod has been analyzed and technologically engineered to provide superior quality materials to assemble the rods.

A big advantage to the WAFT development team and engineers is that they are all highly skilled in their respected departments and excellent anglers understanding the needs and requirements of the market and the customer.

All technology used on WAFT rods has been researched and developed in house over and extensive period, incorporating the latest and most advanced manufacturing techniques to produce precision, application specific and of the finest tackle available.

Three decades of expertise and craftsmanship combined with some of the finest raw materials produced in the world permit WAFT to with exclusive technologies and exotic materials develop the finest high performance and durable products as can only be expected from WAFT.

WAFT furthermore implemented an advance management system to regulate quality control in the various manufacturing departments within the factory. A stringent quality control check is done from raw material inspection to evenness of the coating. Every blank produced is stress tested individually for any factory defects before it is passed on to build up production line quality control

At WAFT we pride ourselves in supplying the tackle store owner a product that is not only of the highest quality, tastefully finished of, and warranted but that will for fill the need of the Angler.